Work from anywhere

We have made battery life a priority and have given you 8 hours of unplugged work movies or games. you can go a whole day on a single charge and work from anywhere for hours on end.<br />

Bring it on
This forth generation Core i5 is ready for anything powered by windows 10, it is ready to take on whatever you throw at it

Processing Power

Processor – Intel (r) Core(TM) i5 -4250U CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.90 GHz

Design and Display

comes with a powerful crystal display and graphics card for clear video and graphic experience


Comes with your standard 500MB hdrive storage with the capacity to upgrade

Battery life

Equipped with an 8 hour battery life allowing you to enjoy hours of movie streaming and connectivity

User Experience

Thin, light, fast and extended battery life makes for a beautiful experiance

Perfect Design

Not only is it beautiful its performance is equally impressive.

Tech Support

This product is fully backed up at support centeres a phone call away.


Gaming has never been this fun for the Avion
notebook can handle your favorite games with
no problems

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